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Why the blog?

This blog has been a LONG time coming.  Embarrassingly, I had the idea for this a year ago.

I had read an article about how your driving habits affect your gas milage, and had decided to try to slow down and conserve energy.

I was driving down I-280 (i live in the Bay Area), driving roughly the speed limit of 65mph.  It was a fairly relaxing experience to be driving the speed limit.  However, I only got to enjoy the serenity for a few miles.  Somebody was driving *immediately* behind me.  After tailgating me for a while, the driver angrily drove around me.  This was repeated a couple more times, so i moved from the second-most right lane to the far right lane.  Still, people were angry that I wasn’t driving faster.

‘Driving greenly’ was an unnerving experience… people honking, passing angrily.  I would understand if I was in the far left lane, but i was driving to the right, just trying to drive the speed limit or slightly under.  I started collecting articles, posts, etc. on driving greenly.  My intent was to encourage people to drive greenly and save energy.  Life and many other excuses got in the way over the last year.

No more excuses!  I’m going to share my insights and the material i’ve collected.  I hope this effort encourages even just a few people to change their driving habits.

jane green


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