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Do I have to buy a Prius?

This was one of the early posts that made an impact on me and a key premise behind my ‘drive greenly’ thoughts.

Living in northern California, we see a lot of Prius cars. (neighbors across the street have two…)

There was a law a while back that allowed Prius owners to drive in the commuter lane, even with only one person in the car. This really encouraged people to buy Priuses…. anything to get into the ‘fast lane’ and avoid the slow as molasses traffic.
So I think you got a lot of people buying a Prius for only that purpose, or mainly that purpose, and not necessarily to ‘be green’ or ‘save gas’ or anything.

Anyway, I digress…. not having the money for a Prius and also wanting a larger car for other reasons, this post struck me that I didn’t have to own a Prius to ‘do something’ about the environment.


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